Jupiter Inlet Colony officials and residents do their part to communicate safety tips

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JIC Mayor Dan Comerford and his staff continue to be available virtually and physically to keep his residents safe and informed. He held a meeting for residents Monday night over Zoom and his office  is carrying on business as usual.

“We are attempting to stay open as long as we can because we generally have very low traffic and we don’t have a large staff here,” Mayor Comerford said over the phone. “We have two police officers generally on duty during the day who will continue to patrol the beach. We want to keep people off the beaches and in their homes. We are still providing full services.”

Parking for the beach has been completely closed off. Photo by Gia Mariano

Mayor Comerford said he just wants to try and do what’s best for the town and for the country. “All the rest of our meetings will be on Zoom or something similar to that. [Gov. Ron DeSantis] signed an Executive order where he allowed teleconferences for municipal meetings,” said Mayor Comerford. “So now temporarily, we don’t have to have an in-house quorum to have the meetings. I’m on the board for the Palm Beach Zoo, and we will be having a meeting to work out a plan to still pay employees.”

Communicating during crisis

Shula, who has parents in assisted living in Massachusetts, said that she is more worried about them than herself. “I was supposed to celebrate my dad’s 94th birthday with him on April 5th and now I have to do it by phone,” she wrote. “Not knowing when I will get to see them again is unsettling.”

Jupiter Inlet Colony is located in Palm Beach County. Graphic by Gia Mariano

JIC residents follow CDC policies

Leslie Shula, a JIC resident, texted about the precautions she was taking amidst the coronavirus crisis. “I’m abiding by the guidelines set by the CDC. Specifically frequently washing hands, social distancing, and the hardest one for me is not touching my face! Also I’m not going anywhere unless absolutely necessary such as the grocery store,” she wrote.

Graphic by The American Red Cross

Elly Lynch, a mother of two, texted that she would be doing similar actions. “I just want my family safe. That is what matters most to me,” she wrote. “So we are leaving our house as little as possible, washing our hands frequently, and making sure we social distance. I still walk my dogs every day to get out of the house.” 

Shula wants to make sure that she and her family stays positive during these uncertain times. “The key for me to staying positive is exercise! I love biking, running and walking outside in the morning. I also turn off the TV. Sometimes too much information can make you paranoid,” she wrote. 

To find updated numbers of Coronavirus cases in Florida, you can visit here

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