Clocking in to cope

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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a state-wide lockdown; negatively impacting sales for small businesses. One business in particular opened late February on the busiest street in East Lansing. This was just days before the pandemic forced everyone to stay at home and socially distance themselves.

“I’m also just trying to take it day by day”, said Dan Chilla. “Spring break happened and then we got back, we’re back to normal and then coronavirus hit”.

Expansion specialist Dan Chilla spends his days working delivery and pick-up orders at Snap Pizza. When he clocks out, he goes home to an empty air bnb.

“I FaceTime my sister every night”, said Dan Chilla.

He doesn’t FaceTime her due to the social distancing of COVID-19 but rather because all of his family is from Pennsylvania.

“the uncertainty and the unknown is really the biggest thing that I think is concerning people.”

For Dan, his outlet is going to work everyday.

He wants to set an example for his employees and is “just trying to stay positive and confident”.

Snap Pizza is still open and Dan doesn’t plan on closing it anytime soon.

“We’re open now, we’re doing this. I’m going to keep that”, said Dan.

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