Meridian Township wants a president to be a change agent

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With the 2020 presidential election top of mind, some Meridian Township residents said they want a leader with a strong moral compass and who will improve the health care system. 

Sarah Howard, a Meridian Township resident, said even though she doesn’t keep up with the candidates’ positions, she wants to see a huge change.

“I don’t think our healthcare system makes any sense,” said Howard. “I appreciate that we are trying to move toward a socialized health care system, but I do not think the current system makes financial sense.” 

Howard is also concerned that social media may become a greater issue with the next leader elected in office. She wishes media would report on more real issues instead of hot topics.

Howard said: “I think most of the other changes I want to see are more social than something that has to do directly with the presidency. General media is out of control and making a fool out of yourself is not the way to do it.”

Howard is not the only resident concerned about health care. Other residents want a leader who is going to push for a leader who can guarantee health care for everyone.

“Free health care,” said Sharon Jinks, a Meridian Township resident. “I would like to see health care for all.”

For other Meridian Township residents, it is simple. They want a new leader who can beat our current president or a candidate who has had history in the White House.

“I want them to have the ability to beat Donald Trump,” said Maria Struck, a Meridian Township resident. “That is my want.”

Diana Healey, a Meridian Township resident and close friend of Maria Struck, said not only does the candidate have to have the ability to beat Donald Trump but he has to have a certain name.

Healey said: “In addition to having the ability to beat Donald Trump, his name has to be Joe Biden.”

While some residents are looking for a candidate who will guarantee health care for all, other residents are looking for a candidate who has a sense of right and wrong, integrity and moral values.

Trudy Bower, a Meridian Township resident, said: “I want a candidate with a sense of morality and right or wrong. I think that is the foundation. If you got that, then the rest will come. If you do not have that, then you do not have anything.”

In the past, Heidi Iles, a resident of Meridian Township, felt like we did not have a candidate that anyone could trust. She wants a candidate who will abide by their word and actually get the job done.

“They definitely have to be trustworthy,” said Iles. “I want someone who is actually going to do what they say. I also want someone that (who) has morals. Those are the biggest things for me.”

Link to Heidi Iles explaining her opinion on what she needs from a candidate.

Meridian Township resident Christopher Vandenberghe explains he is very confused about who to vote for because he does not trust politicians anymore.

Vandenberghe said: “A politician is a politician to me. I don’t even know where this country has gone. I am one of those people that (who) are waiting for things to change or waiting for things to get worse.”

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