Local business faces busiest weeks due to COVID-19

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As the coronavirus spread across the globe, businesses have been forced to make changes and even shut down. But one Lansing business has seen the biggest number of sales in their history of being open. All because they still the product that everyone is looking for right now… Toilet paper.

Repco Paper is a paper product supplier for businesses all over. Their day usually consists of unloading trucks from their supplier and loading up their trucks with to-go boxes, cases of paper towel and many other things.

But as the coronavirus hit Michigan, their orders switched from a wide variety of supplies to mainly cleaning supplies and toilet paper.

Co-owner Art Coscarelli said they had people coming from all over to grab a case of 96 rolls of bath tissue.

“I had a customer that wanted 100 cases of bath tissue,” he said.

But restrictions were put in place soon after that large order when their supplier told them the amount of cases they could order was being allocated.

Although they are limited to how many cases they can get currently, they do still have it in stock and don’t see it running out anytime soon. The only product they can’t stock on their shelves right now is hand sanitizer, but they hope to see that back in stock soon.

The employees at Repco Paper are taking precautions themselves by washing their hands often and are hoping life returns to normal soon.

“Hopefully, it turns out to be not that big of a deal, but as of right now, it’s something I’ve never seen before,” Coscarelli said.

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