Coronavirus cuts final year short for MSU seniors

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Seniors at Michigan State University are coping with having their final year cut short.

The spread of the Coronavirus has caused universities across the nation to switch to online teaching for the remainder of the semester.

Kelsey Nickerson, a senior at MSU said it was so abrupt.

“I was so confused for like a second I was happy and then I was like I don’t know if I’m ever going back to class,” Nickerson said.

Campus looks like a ghost town as many students have packed up their things and returned to their permanent homes. Students were also told that all graduation ceremonies are postponed. Jackson Reetz, a senior at MSU still has hope that he will one day walk across that big stage.

 “I hope they at least give us the option to come back in December cause… I wanna walk,” Reetz said.

After hearing the news, Nickerson spent her last moments on campus processing what Michigan State means to her.

“I just love this place so much,” Nickerson said. 

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