Williamston becomes a restaurant and entertainment destination

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Williamston, once known for its antique stores, is now known for its restaurants and storefronts, said City Manager Corey Schmidt.

“In the last eight to 10 years we have become known for a number of unique restaurants,” said Schmidt who described how the new Williamston Theater and eateries such as Twisted Sugar and Zynda BBQ add character to the city.

He said more businesses send a positive message to visitors. “We have a lot of Spartan fans that come to town, especially during football season,” said Schmidt. This leads to more people dining in downtown Williamston on game days.

At the corner of Putnam Street stands The Bistro, a Williamston restaurant. 
Photo By Marsalis Brockman

Census 2020 on Williamston’s Economy

Schmidt said the city receives two sources of funding from the state of Michigan that is dependent on our population, which he expects to grow from 3,854 residents in 2010 to more than 4,000 in this year’s count.

Infographic courtesy of census.gov

Infographic by Marsalis Brockman

Williamston resident Jonna Ellison, 40, said “As long as the taxes are going to fix the roads or anything we need for the schools then I’m good with it.”

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