The Golden Dandelion celebrates six months of business

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The Golden Dandelion located in downtown Williamston is getting positive feedback from the town. The upscale and resale clothing is a hit among the community. Photo by: Regan Holgate

The Golden Dandelion recently celebrated its six-month anniversary with an impromptu celebration with customers in its downtown Williamston location. 

Six months ago, Sheila Gabriel and her son Garrett Gabriel decided they wanted to open up their own business. Sheila said she was stuck in the barber business, and Garrett was getting burned out on long culinary hours. 

This is the seed of The Golden Dandelion in August of 2019. 

“We were driving through Williamston, and I peeked through the window, and I knew that was our store,” said Sheila. “And it was a good choice because everyone has been amazing here.”

Sheila said The Golden Dandelion is all about selling second-hand clothing at resale prices. 

“Our motto is reuse, repurpose, recycle,” said Sheila.

Garrett is a co-owner of the business with his mom, and he said they disagree at times, but generally, it’s good working together. 

“When I decided to do this, I was looking for more financial stability and opportunity in general,” said Garrett. “I’ve made friends with businesses down the street; it’s been great.”

A large portion of business sales comes from ship out business. They do Facebook Live, so a lot of their customers are not from Williamston, which has been great for their success. 

Sheila Gabriel holds up an item of clothing with a marked tag on it. This is how the items are presented during the Facebook Live. Photo by: Regan Holgate

During Facebook Live, the clothes are marked with numbers, and customers comment on the post if they want an item. They can come into the store to pick it up or be shipped out. They have 800 followers on their Facebook page, and the number is continuing to grow with each video they post. 

“It’s been working great,” said Sheila. 

Garrett focuses more on the social media side of the business by posting pictures and keeping in contact with the following they have on different platforms. 

“This is a stepping stone for me, and I hope to open another business here in town,” said Garrett. 

Garrett said he’s seen a sleepy town turn into something more exciting, which makes him look forward to the future. 

“As this business has progressed, we want to be a part of the community more and see the town continue to change,” said Garrett Gabriel. 

Sheila said there had been a lot of positive feedback about the store. 

“Everybody that comes in here says they love our store, that they want us to stay, and they are happy we are here,” said Sheila. 

Now that the shop is here, said Mayor Tammy Gilroy, she grabs coffee with her friend on Saturday mornings, and then they go on a shopping spree at The Golden Dandelion. 

“You can’t beat what they have, and especially for the price,” said Gilroy. “Sheila is just amazing; she’s so spunky.”

Gilroy said The Golden Dandelion has helped to cater to the uniqueness of Williamston, and it has been a great addition to the town. 

The main goal of The Golden Dandelion is to bring in a younger demographic because they have a lot of clothes that specifically serve college students. 

“College kids are on a budget, and it would be amazing if we could get more of them in here, to let them know we are here and we have adorable stuff for them,” said Sheila. 

When the Golden Dandelion has Michigan State clothing, Sheila said it always sells quickly. They are hoping to tap into the college community soon. Photo by: Regan Holgate

Looking ahead, the owners of The Golden Dandelion have tossed around the idea of opening up a men’s resale shop. 

“We have a lot to look forward to, there is a lot of potential in this town,” said Sheila.

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