Medical marijuana dispensaries in Meridian Township may open this year

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Board of Commissioners at Feb.10 meeting discussing medical marihuana provisioning centers. Credit: Demetria Bias

The Meridian Township Planning Commission voted last Monday 8 to 0 to continue the groundwork for two medical marijuana provisioning centers, citing the businesses would benefit more than harm  the community.

“I think it is going to have a positive effect,” said Ken Lane, chair of the township’s planning commission. “If it doesn’t have a positive effect, we have ordinance provisions in place to take care of that.”

Both marijuana provisioning centers are located in Okemos. Board Commissioners said they see the two dispensaries as useful resources.

Peter Trezise, Board Commissioner for Meridian Township, said: “I am just looking at some viable businesses operating in the township. I know they will provide services for our township members that need them.”

One center site, located at 3520 Okemos Rd., will be a 2,282-square foot building that will consist of two tenant spaces occupied by Sprint and Asia Express in suites nine and 10, according to the commission’s meeting.

The other center is located on 1614 Grand River Ave.

HOMTV, a local government channel, recorded the meeting held Feb.10.

Commission members said at the meeting they are concerned about the odor and loitering. 

Lane said: “I believe the applicants when they say these are very non-discrete buildings. There are not a lot of people coming and going. There was a perception that there might be loitering, but I don’t think that is going to happen.”

While both applicants attended the meeting, Lane complimented one medical marijuana site application — the one on 1614 Grand River Ave : “This applicant answered all the questions. They did an excellent job of responding to all the questions. It was detailed and presented in an easy format. They get the A-plus in my opinion.” 

Lane said it is always better for the applicant to provide the answers to all the questions, rather than have the board probe for the information. 

Peter Menser, principal planner for Meridian Township, gives updates to the board of commission on developing projects. Credit: Demeteria Bias

A maximum of six provisioning center may open in Meridian Township.

“We are not promoting or not promoting as they come to us, said David Premoe, Planning Commission member. Within the six, one could be opening in a year.

The next meeting will be held Feb. 24 at the Municipal Building.

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