Local tattoo shop permanently impacting the community

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The raging wildfires and death’s of Kobe and Gianna Bryant have left people all over the world grieving. Ink Therapy in Lansing decided to honor the country of Australia and Kobe and Gianna’s legacy by giving back in a permanent way.

Around once every other month, the tattoo shop has a weekend with tattoo specials, where customers can come in and choose the tattoo they want from a sheet of designs. The designs are typically centered around a local cause, but their latest designs were for the Australia Wildlife Warriors.

Artists at Ink Therapy came up with the designs to honor the almost 1 billion animals that have died in the wildfires.

“Between all of the artists and the owner we like to give back to our community,” says manager Aaron Wood. “We normally try to stay local, but one of the artists daughters and us, we were looking at some of the pictures and we saw the devastation and we felt this was something we needed to do.”

After the tragic death’s of Kobe and Gianna Bryant left people shaken up and grieving, Ink Therapy decided to honor their lives by adding their basketball numbers to the tattoo designs.

Kobe and Gianna Bryant’s basketball jersey numbers joined the list of choices for people to choose from following their tragic deaths.

Fifty percent of the proceeds from this special went to the wildlife warriors.

The next tattoo special is set to take place in March for March Madness. Follow Ink Therapy on Facebook and Instagram for designs and dates for the next special.

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