20th Annual Mid-Michigan Women’s Expo

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The 20th annual Mid-Michigan Women’s Expo was a celebration of women, entrepreneurs and bringing people together. There were over 300 businesses with products catered to women, including healthy eating.

One of the businesses at the event was Vitamix, a company that manufactures blenders for restaurants and every day consumers.

Every booth at the event showcased their products, ranging from cakes, hair styling tools and jewelry, but Vitamix promoted something bigger. 

“Love hearing stories about how we changed people’s lives, that they’ve gotten healthier, they’ve beat their healthy obstacles etc.,” said Nancy Spruiell, a Vitamix demonstrator.

Spruiell said the blender also helps parents get their kids to eat fruits and vegetables. 

“Raising healthier kids, that’s a huge thing these days, especially with the way they make our food these days,” Spruiell said.

During the demonstration, Spruiell and Alan Guthrie, a corporate trainer, made a variety of samples, including chocolate pudding with avocado, strawberry sorbet and frozen coffee.

“My favorite sample was probably that coffee that she made,” Savannah Lockwood said. “It was really healthy, it was good, tastes just as, same as Biggby or Starbucks would.”

Spruiell and her family use their Vitamix blender every day. She said her family save time and money because they rarely eat out anymore and make everything at home. 

“My husband went from calling it ‘the overpriced blender’ to the long-term savings plan,” Spruiell said.

It’s not only a career or way of life, Vitamix hits close to home for Guthrie. He taught his kids how to use the blender and his wife uses it as well. 

“My daughter, for her graduation gift for high school, she took a Vitamix with her to college and she was the star of the dorms,” Guthrie said. “It’s been my life for 20 years, so, I get to share that with them and I know that they’re eating healthier and they’re using what I’ve enjoyed for 20 years.”

When the Mid-Michigan Women’s Expo came to a close, people didn’t leave empty-handed; they left happier and healthier.

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