Meridian Mall’s MUA draws shoppers seeking Asian-style clothing

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Its motto is simple: “Stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside.”

Those are words to live by at MUA, an Asian-style clothing store in Meridian Mall.

This is the facade design of MUA, which is stylish and modern at first sight.

MUA opened in December 2018 and its style attracts international students, as well as Americans looking for Asian-style clothing.

Kaylyn Wang is a sales assistant in MUA and has worked there for more than six months.

“Most clothing stores in Meridian Mall are American styles, such as Hollister, Rue21 and American Eagle,” Wang said. “There is no Asian style clothing store in this mall, but we have a lot of international students from Asia, so we need such a clothing store, which is why our boss opened this store.”

This pictures shows the layout of store, and it looks very delicate and modern.
From the picture, people can clearly see that this is an Asian style clothing store.

She said she thinks Michigan State University has many international students, especially Chinese, so they represent this type of clothing demand. Opening an Asian-style clothing store at Meridian Mall was a smart move. 

“I think Meridian Mall is a very famous store and it has many famous brands such as Sephora, H&M and FinishLine, which has a very stable customer flow here, so this is good for our store and helps us to develop our customers,” Wang said.

Sandie Guo is also a sales assistant in MUA. She said she thinks the reason why MUA is gaining some traction at Meridian Mall is because of the clothing choices. She said most of their clothes are from China and South Korea, where they are popular with local girls. The clothes they chose were so popular with local girls in both countries that they felt they would be equally loved even in the U.S.

Guo said she thinks that her boss is a woman with taste and intelligence, who is very careful in choosing clothes. What’s more, Guo says that her boss appreciates Asian clothes and styles very much as well as would like to bring such culture to America for many people to accept and understand.

“As an Asian girl myself, I like our clothes very much,” Guo said. “I am not only an employee of MUA but also a consumer. I will often recommend it to my friends and ask them to visit the store. Most of them will become customers of MUA.”

Aside from browsing the Meridian Mall, MUA can be found using Instagram and Facebook to promote it. Because of the demand from Chinese students, it also set up a new WeChat official account to serve Chinese students.

At MUA, people can not only buy clothes in Asian style, but also can buy accessories, such as earrings, sunglasses and socks. The store also has a corner where people can have afternoon tea with their friends.

If people come with their friends who are not interested, their friends can wait for them in the lounge. The rest area also offers snacks and magazines to read.

Annie Yang has been a student at Michigan State University for only one year. She knew that there is a store in the Meridian Mall that sells the specialties of Asian style on WeChat.

Yang said: “It’s my first time to come to this store. MUA is a quite suitable place for people to spend time with friends.”

She said that although the storefront was not unusually large, quiet and bright atmosphere inside was lovely to her. 

“Also, I love the fitting rooms in MUA,” Yang said. “Not only do they have enough space, but the individual mirrors in each room can see whether the clothes fit the customers.” 

Yang thought it would be better if MUA could provide fancy clothes for men so that she could go shopping with her boyfriend together.

“This is my favorite store in Michigan.” said Congyi Li, a student who came to MUA with her friend to shopping. “This is my fourth year at Michigan State University. This store is very convenient for me.”

Li said it is challenging for her to buy suitable clothes in America because she is not very tall.

“American style’s clothes are too big for me, and I’m also not interested in American style. But getting clothes from China to us was a real hassle, and MUA did solve one of my biggest problems.” She said.

Li thinks the only regret is that MUA opened when she is getting ready to graduate.

As “Black Friday” approaches, there will be sales going on at MUA. Please visit to know more about MUA.

Here are MUA’s contact details including WeChat, Instagram and Facebook. Follow these social media to learn more about MUA.

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