Henry’s Place in Okemos hosts annual Meridian Cares Benefit

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OKEMOS, MICH— The camaraderie and drink-filled fun of a pub will be shared by many Meridian Township residents on Nov. 15.

The annual Meridian Cares Benefit has a new home this year at the popular Okemos pub Henry’s Place. 

The night is expected to have karaoke, games and a lot of good food available for those in attendance- all for good cause.

Meridian Cares is a program that offers help to residents in difficult situations whether the issue is with finances, accessibility or any other way the community is able to assist.

Darla Jackson, a human resources specialist for Meridian Township, is the director of the Meridian Cares program. She said the program has assisted many people who have simply fallen on hard times.

“We had a recent situation where a family had just moved to Okemos and didn’t have any way of getting around or even knew where to get food,” she said. “So we partnered with local food banks and churches to gather food and get it to them until they’re settled.” 

Phyllis Vaughn is a Haslett resident who has used Meridian Care’s services. 

“Darla was a great help to me when I needed it,” Vaughn said. “Through the program, I was able to get help with my Consumer’s Energy payments.”

The Meridian Cares Benefit helps to finance a larger emergency fund for residents in need. Jackson said they’re excited about the new venue. In the past few years, locations have struggled to comfortably hold the large party of people who come to donate.

Henry Kwok, the owner of Henry’s Place in Okemos, reached out to the township to host the charity event at his restaurant. He says a portion of the food and drink will go to the charity.

“I really enjoy doing being for the community like this,” he said “Because it really helped the community as a whole for people who can. I get the opportunity to be the face as these kinds of events.”

“It feels really good to help the community as someone in the community.” 

Jackson said interested people can contact her to purchase a wristband to attend the event. The restaurant will still be open to the public to enjoy as well.

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