Frandor Sears announces closing

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Another Lansing staple is set to close early next year.

The Frandor Sears location announced a few weeks ago their closing. The department store has been leasing that location since 1954.

“Sears has ten years left on their lease,” said real estate developer Pat Gillespie of the Gillespie group. “They have rights to be in the building for ten more years. We’re really not sure if they’re going to stay that long, look to sublease the building, so we’re having a lot of communication with them but they haven’t figured that out yet.”

Gillespie said his team has backup plans as they wait to see what Sears will do.

“We have option A, B, C and D,” said Gillespie. “We’ve been working with several teams of architects that have done everything from total redevelopment, entertainment, hotel, restaurants. We’re not sitting around waiting to see what they do. When they do make their decision, we’ll be ready to move.”

The store is set to close in February 2020.

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