UAW Strike Affecting Lansing Area

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Now in its third week, the UAW Strike on General Motors continues on as both sides haven’t been able to reach an agreement.

Those out on the picket lines are arguing for equal rights and pay amongst themselves and temporary workers.

Those who are considered temporary do the same work as everyone else, but they are given no benefits, and lesser pay.

“We just want everyone to get paid the same, we want good healthcare for everybody,” said Charlie Shockey, who has been with GM for 19 years.

He acted as the gatekeeper on the picket lines, making sure the assigned picket line location is safe and stocked with food and water. They must work an eight hour shift, as well as a four-hour shift on top of that, to be eligible for strike pay.

The REO Town Bar in Lansing is a popular location amongst the local GM employees.

Corey King, a bartender at REO Town Bar, has confidence that GM employees will make their way back to the bar once the strike ends.

“We’re seeing people we haven’t seen before with the UAW, I think after the strike we’re going to see those same faces,” he said.

There’s no end in sight as to when an agreement will be reached.

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