New outdoor additions to the Meridian Senior Center ready for member use

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While some senior center members take their first lap around the new walkway, other enjoy refreshments in the new seating area.

Members of the Meridian Township Senior Center cheered as the ribbon was cut in front of their new outdoor space. With the help of the Department of Parks and Recreation, the senior center was able to add in a new walkway and seating area just outside the main entrance.

“This was a great thing for me when I saw them building it because I walk 10,000 steps a day now and I can come out here and 10 loops around is 1,000 steps,” said member James Campbell. “I’m just hoping I can use it in the winter.” 

The senior center has been open since 1995 and is located in the east wing of Chippewa Middle School. Originally, the space outside the senior center was a playground occupied by a childcare program. When the program moved to a new building, the senior center wanted to add a new pathway for their members to walk on. This one measures one-twentieth of a mile.

“We’ve also put in some seating areas with umbrellas for shade where people can come out and socialize and have a cup of coffee or we can even have our program out here,” said Cherie Wisdom, senior center coordinator.

The furniture in the seating area is made out of recycled milk cartons and comes well-cushioned.

Jerry Hall, who has been a member for 10 years, plans on using the walkway when it’s sunny outside.

“It’s nice to be outdoors and pick up some vitamin D once in a while too,” Hall said. “We all need more vitamin D.” 

And Wisdom said this project isn’t done yet.

“We’re going to be having a mural painted by students at Okemos schools,” Wisdom said. “We’re also going to be accepting memorial benches and trees and things so if people want a memorial to a loved one that came to the senior center we can have that out in the space.”

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