Elevator form collapses at Abbot apartment construction

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On Tuesday afternoon, an elevator form collapsed on the eleventh floor of The Abbot apartment construction site and was hanging on the edge of the building.

“They were placing that form, it shifted on them and it’s in a position right now that it’s not supposed to be,” said East Lansing Fire Department Captain Leo Allaire. “They have it stabilized with the crane and the area right now is shut down to pedestrian traffic and vehicle traffic until we can get this incident stabilized.”

Workers called in a crane from Detroit and engineers from Chicago to assess the damage. The form itself was 4,000 pounds.

“I was trying to go to Noodles [and Company] and I walk up and I see this caution tape,” said junior Aaron Mentzer. “This is the first time that I’ve ever seen something like this happen.”

East Lansing residents Phil and Sue Snodgrass are thankful no one was hurt.

“Those things can happen and you just hope that it’s just something that can be remedied without any further damage or anything,” said Phil Snodgrass. “We’re lucky that nothing has happened to anybody so that’s good.”

Even sophomore Brendan Wang stopped to take a look at the site and realized he’s living on the floor the accident happened.

“I’ll be living with my twin sister next year,” said Wang. “It is concerning because I signed a lease to live here.”

Nine hours after the accident happened, the form came down safely.

Construction is still on hold pending the rest of the assessment of the site.

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