Abortion pills required at Cali. universities, Mich. opinions mixed

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Abortions and women’s right to choose to get them or not is a hot topic in the country.

California passed a bill that requires the California State University and University of California systems to offer abortion pills to students.

A student takes two pills during the first ten weeks of pregnancy to induce a miscarriage.

“We think this is a very bad idea,” Peri Pung, the President of Protect Life at MSU, said.

But not everyone agrees.

“We definitely think that this is a good idea,” Debbie Miszak, MSU’s Women’s Council President, said. “I think this is something that you can see that happens in states that are already controlled by predominantly pro-choice legislatures.”

Pung’s concern is the dangers it could bring.

“I think the main concern is kind of that, if the women are just given these pills and then they take them at own convenience on their own time, they could be going through this horrible tragic process by themselves in their own dorm room or in their own dorm bathroom,” Pung said.

According to the FDA, 24 women have died in association with the pills.

“Much more than 24 women have medication abortions and do them themselves,” Miszak said.

“It’s gonna be hard, it’s gonna be dangerous, it’s gonna be tragic and making these women do that by themselves is just not a good solution,” Pung said.

While Miszak’s concern here in Michigan is protecting reproductive healthcare, she said it’s good for California to meet the residents needs.

“If a state legislature decides that this represents what the state wants and the state needs, then they can do that,” Miszak said.

Pung, on the other hand, said she could see legal battles come from this.

“I’d imagine there’s going to be a lot of, kind of, legal consequences and legal battles between healthcare workers that are morally opposed to doing this, but now the government is telling them they have to,” Pung said.

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