Twiggies evolves in 22 years in DeWitt

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Beth Herendeen didn’t want to be someone who kept saying “one day I’ll do it.” So 22 years ago she did it: She opened Twiggies in downtown DeWitt, and hasn’t looked back.

Herendeen’s first business — event planning — started off in her Dewitt basement. As it progressed, she moved to a barn and then eventually opened up a storefront in downtown Dewitt.

Wedding planning website, The Knot, referred to her store as “A charming experience for your senses,” then followed with a four-star rating.   

Some of her clientele includes weddings and corporate businesses. They are not limited to the Dewitt area only, its services are provided throughout the state of Michigan.

As the event planning business continued, she felt there was something missing in the downtown she loved.

“I love the downtown and its historic type buildings,” she said.

Not only did Herendeen start her business in Dewitt, she also lives and raised her kids there. 

“It seemed like a good fit to start a business here,” she said.

So 22 years ago that basement business evolved into a retail storefront in downtown Dewitt. She felt that the town needed a source for gifts and other retail products.

Containing products from body butter to crafted jewelry, Twiggies has a variety of options for customers looking to buy gifts for their loved ones.

Whether it was made by her or one of her cosigners, Twiggies is filled with homemade products. Cosigners are outside sources that she receives the homemade products from.

Herendeen makes sure small details wow customers, like complimentary gift wrapping. At checkout, the cashier will put the item in a gift bag along with matching tissue paper. 

Not only did she open up a store to share an experience with customers, she also shares her talents through classes. Classes are held to teach others how to make some of the homemade items she sells in store. 

“I just wanted to share my talent and my knowledge about how to make things,” Herendeen said. 

They are offered throughout the season and anyone could sign up through Facebook.

Blankets made by Beth Herendeen. Photo by Nina Felicidario.

With event planning, running the retail store, making products for the store, and hosting classes, Herendeen does it all. Nothing is ever the same with her day to day work routine. 

“I think that’s one of the things that energizes me and what I love about it,” Herendeen said.

With all the different services she provides, she has to depend on time management and work ethic to get through it all.

Many people walking around downtown didn’t know about the store. 

“I’ve been there once,” Heather Deville said.

Deville knew about the store but was unaware of the services it provides. Twiggies’ Facebook page shows its event planning aspect along with its classes and retail store. 

“I should mention that I’ve also taken classes and of course purchased flowers from Twiggies and couldn’t be happier,”

Twiggies is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday and Saturday, and is closed on Sundays.

For questions about the store or classes, email

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