Prime Time Seniors’ Wellness program welcomes residents to open art studio

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At the East Lansing Hannah Community Center, senior citizens and other residents can partake in a variety of programs that are dedicated to the improvement of wellness. 

Janey Lee showing her metal work created during the studio time.

“Sometimes when you’re working,you’re married to your job and then when you retire it’s like what do I do?” said Janet Lee, a participant with the Prime Time Senior’ Wellness program since March 2018. 

According to the National Adult Day Services Association, there are over 4,600 adult activities programs across the U.S. Prime Time Seniors’ Program in East Lansing offers a range of courses to try out which include an open art studio, fitness, technology, finance and many others. It is a nationally accredited activities program that believes enriching the lives of seniors living in the area through various activities.

Every week, it offers an open art studio every week from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Despite it being labeled for seniors, it’s open to East Lansing residents, including students. 

Kelly Arndt, participating at the open art studio.


“Eighty percent of an elder’s health is tied to socialization. So it’s important that we offer all of these things and we do that in the 370 programs that we offer annually,” said Kelly Arndt, the director of the Prime Time Seniors’ Program. 

Lana Schaeffer, who is an instructor at the open art studio, said she is motivated to achieve her goal of keeping the open art classes running so people can stay involved within the community.

Lana Schaeffer showing some works that were created through the open art studio program.

“It keeps you active and it gives you a good idea of what you might like in a craft or an art without spending the money to buy everything,” said Schaeffer. 

To attend an open art class here, there is a $3 fee, which includes all of the material and instructions that are being given during the studio time. There is a range of mediums that anyone can try out if they are interested in, such as painting, stain glass, woodcarving, and fusing.

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