Opinion: Tips for an investigative story

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Today we learned how important it is for a journalist to know every single detail of the
story that he or she is covering.

You need to be able to prove it and, as the Pulitzer prize winner, M.L. Elrick, said, “disprove” it so that no one can question your work.

It is also necessary to understand your story from the beginning, knowing the maximum and minimum of information you can get for your final piece.

Once you are done, always look for “fresh eyes” on the subject. Search for someone who is not familiar with your topic and has nothing to do with the journalistic world because it is very likely that his reaction becomes a reflection of the rest of the people.

“And remember that if something really happened there will always be someone there to help you with your story (…) because people love to talk,” Elrick said.

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