Reflection: “Journalism is life”

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Today we learned new tips about investigative journalism and collaborations with the Pulitzer price winner M.L. Erick. He was kind enough to talk to us about his job and the strategies he has to do an investigative piece. He taught us to remember that there’s always a story to tell, so you just need to find it, search for the facts and then figure out the best way to tell it.

Here are some of the most important tips for your investigation:

1. What do I need to tell this story?
2. Who can help me tell it?
3. What documents or things can prove the facts? Where can I get them?
4. And the most important: know how the system works and how things are done.

When you have already finished your piece, you should tell it to someone you don’t know, then you will really know how it impacts the audience.

“Journalism is life”- M.L. Erick.


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