The Sun Theater in Williamston, a city favorite for 77 years

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Born on Grand River Avenue in downtown Williamston in the year of 1942 to the Robitaille Family, who owned the Sun Theatre for 23 years until he sold it in 2001 to his son Dan and his wife Lisa, the venue thrives despite financial challenges.

“There was a time the Sun Theater was thinking about closing,” said Janet Stumpf, a Williamston native and thrift shop clerk.“They didn’t have the money to transition into newer technology, so as a community we came together and fundraised for them.”

Williamston local businesses give each other a hand.

The Williamston Pub has a deal where when you spend 30 dollars and they give you two movie tickets, a deal with the purpose to help bring more awareness to the Sun Theater. This deal also allows both businesses to help each other out by bringing more business while giving back to the community at the same time.

“The price is the best part, it is so reasonable,” said Barb Burke, a Williamston resident and city council receptionist. “They have comfortable seats, delicious and affordable snacks, too.”

A one-screen theater unites the community

The local Williamston Museum has a photo of the Sun Theatre from its early days that looks similar to nowadays

“This image of the Sun Theater takes me back to when my children were little and the movies cost $2.50,” said Sue Neller, a Williamston native, and Williamston Museum clerk. “I used to take my children to the Sun Theater. Now, that they are grown up, I love coming to work and seeing the picture because it reminds me of my kids.”

An image of the Sun Theater when it first opened in the early 1940s. The photo is in the Williamston Museum.

The Sun Theatre has weekly showings and affordable snacks.


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