The Farmer’s Market moves indoors for the winter

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The Meridian Township Farmer’s market in the summer is located in the Central Park Pavilion at 5151 Marsh Road in Okemos and moves in the winter to the JC-Penney corridor of the Meridian Mall.

“We have about 21 vendors on average, everything from produce to hot food is ready to eat come on by” said Corey Patrick, the Farmer’s Market manager. 

Also, market sales Michigan strawberries, peaches, and other fruits and vegetables on Summer. Pumpkins in the fall, and hot foods on Winter. Most of the products sold are mainly grown in the state.

Many customers gathered at one market stall, the owner was a woman with her bakery products. Roxanne Andrews, a bakery said she chose to sale her baked goods because they are gluten-free and there are not a lot of gluten-free bakers out there. She used organic and natural ingredients, and made everything from scratch. Also Andrews love customer interactions.

As you walk around, there are many customers that look very familiar to the vendors. I ask one of them, “How do you know this event?” Roby Wilson, a woman buying bread from Roxanne Andrews answered me she started to go farmer’s market several years ago. “They do a little flyer for winter’s farmer market, so I try to make sure to get here to get my important supplies.”

Another man, walked by and told me “ He has been for coming to this farmer’s market for a long time and started with the outdoor market about 10 years ago. He knows these vendors well “ These vendors are very friendly and sale healthy foods. I recommend more people come here,” said Steve Thomas, “ When I found out there is an indoor market for winter and keep coming for several years.”

One vendor sells different kinds of mushrooms he grows in Ionia, Michigan. He said “ These are the mushrooms I sell, they are what I found in the wild, and I cultivate them. The lion’s main, they can also grow in Michigan, but I grew these ones indoor. Over that place, they are king oyster mushroom. Those are velvet peet and peanut they are also grown in Michigan.”

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and Michigan Bridge Card holders can use their card at the market. Also, the market now is accepting many kinds of coupons, such as Double Up Food Bucks, WIC Project FRESH and Senior Project FRESH/Market FRESH. Credit Cards are now accepting too.

Meridian Mall hopes more people can attend this farmer’s market and get fun or gather supplies they need in this cold winter.


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