Playgrounds and water mains in Williamston’s Volunteer Community Park

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The Parks and Recreation Commission met March 13 at the city town hall to discuss the layout of the playground and safety concerns posed by underground water mains in Volunteer’s Community Park.

“If you go to McCormick Park, you can see that it is so beautifully structures,” said City Manager Corey Schmidt. “Of course, some things were already there, but those who took the time to plan it, did a great job of incorporating and bringing together what was already there.”

Safety is the priority

Water mains underground may burst and harm children.

“We do not want to place the playground just anywhere in the park,” said Parks and Recreation Board Member Amy Brown, “We need to get a better understanding of the structure underneath. Just like I am a mother, I want to prioritize the safety of our children but as a Williamston resident, I do not the land damaged.”

Recreational sports are making a comeback

Recreational sports for children such as flag football and baseball will ensure park usage.

“I’m glad we are bringing some type of sports activities to the park and not just focusing on the playground,” said Parks and Recreation Commission Board Member Teri Nelson.

Time is ticking on the plan for Volunteer’s Community Park, but planners said it will be worth the wait.

“There is a lot we need to fix and built, said Parks and Recreation Commission Board Member Earl Wolf. “Therefore, we need to focus on the grants and obtaining them so we do not have to pull from other city funds, there is a budget.”

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