Meridian Township residents criticize the RediRide System

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Meridian Township City Hall during Tuesday after noon, March. 19. 2019, Chiehyi Tsui

RX Harrington who lives on Haslett Road spoke at the citizen’s public comment portion of the Meridian Township Meeting to address problems with the RediRide System.

The RediRide System provides transportation for senior citizens so that they can make shopping trips and get to their appointments. Also, it is used for filling in areas where CATA buses are unavailable.

The problem is that about 30 percent of the RediRide System is being used for transporting students to and from school.

The result? Older adults cannot get access to the system or must wait longs spans of time, sometimes placed on hold all of the afternoon.

To solve this problem, citizens do not want the RediRide System to transport students to and from a school in Meridian Township.





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