Dup-Dup app takes off

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A new social media application startup in Okemos, Michigan is beginning to gain traction and popularity among teens and millennials. Only about 40 days since its official launch, this company has garnered over 250 registered users.

Dup-Dup is a simple way to ask and answer questions, help others, be someone’s hero, and share with the entire world who your hero is and how he or she has impacted you.This application enables users to follow their friends, family, and like-minded heroes, while enjoying the interest based curated feed fueled by A.I.  and CEO, Saquib Khan.

“Our goal is to create something meaningful, to help each other, and have fun doing it,” said Saquib Khan (Buddy), CEO of Dup-Dup.

Khan had the vision of Dup-Dup mid summer 2018. First, he pitched the idea to Microsoft Leadership but after months of being ignored, he figured he’d take matters into his own hands.

He then teamed up with Maaz Kamal and Jazib Babar, experts with Mobile Technologies and Digital Signal Processing, who were on board in a heartbeat.

Before Kamal became an affiliate with Dup-Dup, he was the CEO of an app called “Interacta,” best described as an application similar to Shazam. “What our app essentially does is it detects the audio from your TV and then displays the relevant response on your phone, which would then allow you to interact with that particular TV show,” said Kamal.

Khan was amazed by Maaz’s and Jazib’s creativity and concluded that a collaboration between three like-minded individuals would pay off in the long run.

Moving forward, Khan’s next big move is to line up investors. With the application generating over 250 users in only about a month, to him, the next viable step is to push the app to other markets for exposure. “Once we have more investors, that’ll enable us to make the app more friendly. We’ll soon launch more features and then move to android compatibility,” said Khan.

Things are looking promising for this new social start up, and Khan is also incorporating a pretty unique marketing strategy that he’s confident will help with business expansion.

“This is a family business. My son and I are the faces of this company, “ said Khan. Khna’s 9-year-old son has been featured on the company’s official Instagram numerous times.  This has assisted the company with downloads, impressions, and exposure.

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