Williamston CrossFit are having problems moving

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Karrun Farmaha

The Williamston City Council Meeting on March 25 at the Williamston City Hall.

Williamston CrossFit is having trouble moving to a bigger location because of Williamston ordinances and fees.

The gym, located at 1049 West Grand River Ave., is trying to move to a larger location as it has outgrown the capacity of its current gym, which provides enough room for 12 people. The gym now has 80 members.

Jeff Gorsline, a member of the Williamston CrossFit, and owner of the building that may serve as the gym’s new locationa storage building located on Cedar Street—said the gym’s owners are having trouble with the process.

“With the master plan, the street initative and everything that’s going on, we are hoping this project is going to be financially feasible,” said Gorsline. “With all the ordinances and requirements, there’s no way … Where I believe we are at personally, is an impasse.”

Owner and a coach of Williamston CrossFit, Nate Feldpausch, said the project would be a win-win situation for everyone. The gym brings in people from the surrounding cities and townsEast Lansing, Okemos, Webberville, Dansville and Fowlerville. He argued these people also go to other downtown businesses when they are here in Williamston.

“This has been going on since December-January,” said Feldpausch, frustrated by the situation. “It’s been a long three months of working with the city and trying to come up with a solution that should be fairly straight forward. It seems like it’s something simpler than it has been the last few months.”

A member of the city council and the planning commission, John Bisard, also wants to move the project forward quickly. However, he said things need to be done before they move on to speaking with the Williamston Planning Commission.

“Our hands are tied on certain aspects and not on others,” said Bisard. “Till we see everything, we can’t answer any other questions. We want to see it speedy and fast too.”

Mayor Tammy Gilroy thanked Gorsline and Feldpausch for their patience and commitment to having the gym stay in Williamston. The gym has always been in Williamston. It started in Feldpausch’s garage in 2012, then moved to a pole barn, then moved to its current location on West Grand River Avenue in 2014, and perhaps will move to its new proposed location on Cedar street.

“Corey’s (Corey Schmidt – city manager) got a plan to get some stakeholders in a room prior to going in front of the planning commission to make sure the is are dotted and the ts are crossed,” said Gilroy.

Karrun Farmaha

The current and proposed locations of Williamston CrossFit.

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