Mason hotel plans halt after investor backs out of deal

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Potential hotel location

2018 brought Mason rising and falling for hopes of a hotel chain opening in the city.

A $7.2 million proposal from Mason Hospitality Group, LLC to construct a combination Main Stay Suites and Sleep Inn on West Kipp Road was announced in March and called off in November, according to the Lansing State Journal.

Pat McCaffrey was the President of Mason Hospitality Group, LLC. The only information on Mason Hospitality Group, LLC is found on the Lansing State Journal and Mason planning commission meeting minutes. Pat McCaffrey has not made a statement on Mason Hospitality Group, LLC or the collapse of the hotel plans.

When asked why the investors pulled out Mark Howe, assistant fire chief, vice president of commercial relationship at Dart Bank and Mason planning commission member said, “I don’t know exactly why, they just called up and said they were done, had something to do with the city giving them all they could give, and they wanted more and yeah.”

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The hotel plans were solid. The Mason Fire Department has a ladder truck to reach the building and water in the area was adequate. Howe said, “Dart Bank was even going to help finance the hotel project for the investors and become a longtime partner.”

There is still a need and want for a hotel in Mason. City Manager Deborah Stuart said. “We are talking to some other hotel operators and we hope to have a different hotel.”

Stuart said the city is currently in talks with hotel operators with hopes of finding a long-term commitment from investors. No agreement is currently on paper between any hotel investor and the city.

She said she wasn’t sure when a deal could be struck.

“It’s going to be timed on their financial evaluation of the project,” Stuart said. “That could take a long time, or it could be fairly quick.”

Mason Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Doug Klein said he supports a hotel development because visitors go to events such as the spring fling and the Ingham County fair.

He said most hotels at Okemos Road and I-96, seven miles from the city, are members of the chamber because visitors need somewhere to stay. He said Dart Container Corporation and Gestamp have a constant need for hotel space and they currently use Okemos hotels.

“We really do think that there’s a market here,” he said. “We’d like to see one back again, we really would.”

Jack Schripsema, president and CEO of th Greater Lansing Visitors Conventions Bureau, said at the original planning commission meeting that he supported the idea of a hotel in Mason.

“I believe that the Mason community is an underserved lodging property. A hotel would create fresh dollars, and new jobs.”

Schripsema said, “I was disappointed they decided not to build in Mason. Community leaders have been anxious to have lodging there. Our hope is not too far in the future someone comes to develop there.”

According to, Schripsema Greater Lansing Visitors Conventions Bureau markets to the whole Mid-Michigan region and they would support a future property by creating a positive impact through tourism.

“We do have a developer,” Klein said. “Now we need an owner.”

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