Lansing Community College offers high demand skills trade programs

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There are lots of degrees that you can finish in two years and come out making some good money, but you may have to get your hands a little dirty.

Students at LCC aren’t learning in a traditional classroom setting. Instead of picking up a pencil, they pick up a blow torch.

“I really enjoy working with my hands and applying myself,” Jared Walter, an LCC junior, said.

LCC offers a number of options for students going into a skilled trade and welding is one that’s in high demand.

Scott Poe, LCC welding instructor, said, “There is this huge need to get people involved, to get the younger generation in and start using their hands.”

After decades of pushing bachelor degrees, high paying trade jobs sit vacant.

 “Unfortunately, in the past there’s a stigma of ‘oh that’s dirty work’ you don’t want to do that you won’t make that much money, but that is not true,” said Poe.  

You don’t necessarily have to go to a four-year university to get a high paying job.

Here at Lansing Community College, future welders can expect to make $14 to $20 an hour starting out.

“It is dirty work, it is hard work, but there are two things that come with it and one is money, that’s what people like, and another is a sense of pride,” Poe said.

Poe said his students learn more than just the skill of welding. 

“The biggest thing their learning I think is confidence, it’s being able to use your hands and confidently going into a job and saying yes I know how to do that or I’m willing to learn how to do that,” he said.

They’re getting the hands-on, real work experience. 

“It’s actually hands on, playing with the fire, you know making sparks, lot of noises and putting stuff together,” said Poe.

For Jared Walter, his dream job is to work on a pipeline for a while and then teach others.

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