East Lansing braces for Final Four night

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Ahead of Michigan’s State’s game against Texas Tech in the NCAA tournament, local police and residents are bracing themselves.The East Lansing police department will be on full alert on Saturday. The City of East Lansing is encouraging residents and fans to take precaution with their celebration.

Sunday’s win against Duke, bringing the MSU Spartans into the Final Four, was the first time the school has gone this far into the championship since 2015. The last time MSU won the tournament was 2000.

East Lansing’s history with the destructive celebration of sports fans is extensive. On Sunday, March 31, fans took to the streets to celebrate, burning couches in their wake. Crowds reached numbers up to 800. Police reported minimal damage and are hoping they can say the same for this weekend.

Local bars are bracing for huge turnouts and sold-out tickets for their events.

Owner of Harpers Sports Bar & Grill, Trish Riley, said she is “very excited” for the game and hopes to keep East Lansing residents safe and entertained.

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