Donley Elementary adds compassion to its curriculum

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Let the games begin. Donley Elementary has a new sport for nine weeks. It’s compassion.
The Compassion Games is a new activity that aims to teach students the importance of service projects, according to social worker Julie Brannan. The Compassion Games began Monday April 8.

“I hope my students will gain an increased awareness of how small acts of kindness and compassion can have a big effect,” said principal Tracy Barton.

The games will include an award system that allows a leaf to be put onto a wall for each act of compassion students complete. In addition to individual acts, students will perform (to avoid the in-in) in-school and out-of-school service acts.

For example, the students will run a lemonade stand for workers working on their new building site.

At the end of the games, Donley plans to have a paper tree which will represent the new tree to be planted at the new school.

After the games, Donley plans to tag Whitehills Elementary. The goal is to tag every elementary in the East Lansing district to complete acts of compassion.

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