Club at MSU teaches you how to quickstep

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If you’re a student at Michigan State and a friend asks you to go dancing, we’re pretty sure it wouldn’t be at this location… but maybe it’s exactly the dance floor for a quickstep.

It’s the ballroom dance team- a club here at MSU that meets Monday through Thursday, every week, 10 p.m. till midnight.

“It’s a good way to wrap up a stressful day,” Taylor Kuminski, a student majoring in animal science, said.

Think of it like ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ just after chemistry class.

Brendan Carpio said, “My mom told me prior to [university], that if I wanted to pick up girls that I should learn how to formally dance.” So Carpio dragged his fingers off the keyboard and put his feet to work. 

“I major in computer science which is the exact opposite of anything involving exercise,” said Carpio.

“This has always been a place for people to express themselves,” Philip Wandor, a mechanical engineering student, said.

The club competes around Michigan and the United States.

Carpio said that the club not only teaches you how to dance, but hopefully get’s you to compete within a month.

The club competes throughout Michigan and the U.S.

On Saturday, March 23, the club was in Ann Arbor competing against University of Michigan and other midwestern schools.

Abby Langell and William Wooley are on the ballroom dance team and are one of the couples that compete.

They said their favorite style to dance to is the samba.

“Samba’s our favorite because we have the most fun with it and we end up doing the best because of that,” Langell said.

Although MSU doesn’t come home with many trophies, for Langell and Wooley, it’s about having fun… and for Carpio… he found himself a girlfriend.

“We were in line to go on the dance floor at a competition,” Carpio said.

The ballroom dance team is always looking for people to join their club. There are no tryouts and no previous dance experience necessary.

You can visit their website here.

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