Women’s Health in Meridian Township brings new initiatives

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In an era where health and women’s rights are at the forefront of topics involving politics, the two join in the discussion of women’s health, specifically—resources for low-income women and their health needs. The topic is taboo for some, but when asking Meridian Township residents their input on the matter, the experiences were similar.

Jaiden Paris, a freshman MSU student, has been a resident for over a year, and said there is still work that needs to be done in providing proper health resources for all women.

“I haven’t seen a lot of things around the community to support women at all,” said Paris. “So I think that there should be more groups, talks and resources openly available for the community.”

Some residents do not share the same sentiment, as senior business student Alexa Davis said she feels a lot has been done to support mental health and women’s health overall.

Although the opinions on what the township offers as health resources for low-income women vary among residents; Meridian Township Communication Director, Deborah Guthrie, commends Darla Jackson on her work with the township’s program and campaign, Meridian Cares.

Meridian Cares is, according to the township’s website, “offers several opportunities to help those in need. According to the 2013 U.S. Census, about 13 percent or 5,000 people in Meridian Township live below the poverty level and could use our help.”

When it comes to everyone being aware of this service, long-time resident, McKenna Purves was unaware of this program.

“I did not know about Meridian Cares, but I am aware of other programs happening at surrounding colleges,” said Purves. “Meridian Township has started filling cupboards with feminine hygiene products, free for women.”

McKenna spoke of an MSU graduate student who began specifically giving products away in a low-income area. With this, she wants to see more of these programs implemented around the area for low-income women and college women.

“As women, we are overlooked sometimes for our needs,” said Purves. “I hope that in the next few years more resources can be implemented to help us in the Meridian Township area.”

With the many growing programs in Meridian Township, there is plenty of hope for what is to come for the township and how they will handle women’s healthcare in the future.

“I have hope for what is to come for Meridian Township’s help for women’s health care and am hoping to see more help soon,” said Jaiden.

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