Sexual misconduct survey hopes to understand campus culture

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With hopes to better the future of the university when it comes to sexual misconduct, the Michigan State community is being called upon for help.

On Tuesday, a survey was released to students, faculty and staff called “Know More @ MSU.”

It’s mission is to get a better understanding of how the community feels about the campus culture and universities sexual misconduct policies.

The MSU Relationship Violence and Sexual Misconduct Expert Advisory Workgroup created the optional, confidential survey after different groups wanted more information on where things stand on campus.

The seven part survey asks participants to answer “yes” or “no,” how aware they are of programs and if they agree or disagree on topics from relationship violence to how they feel being at MSU to their opinion on university leaders.

“We are really interested in being able to use the results of this survey to influence and shape our prevention programming on campus. to help us think about what policies are needed or what changes to policies need to be made,” Carrie Moylan, the lead survey developer, said.

The data will be analyzed over the summer and a report will be filed in the fall. Those results will be used to potentially make or change policies.

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