Robotics Club presents at Haslett Board meeting

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The board meeting at Haslett Public Schools featured something a little bit different, maybe even exciting for robot enthusiasts.

Steve Snead, one of the coaches of the Haslett Robotics Club, gave a PowerPoint presentation about the club does, and four students each showed the board something they were involved with in the club whether it was a robot or a contract agreeing to respect each other.  

Four students in the club showed the board members something they had from the club. A few robots were seen as well as a social contract that set the rules for the club that some of the students made. Snead not only wanted to give a presentation to show the board what the students had accomplished but also to raise awareness of some of the club’s budget issues.

The club started in 2008 and is experiencing growing pains, forcing club leaders to use space outside of the classroom. Snead said the club sometimes has to file into the hallway for activities like testing the robots.

“So we wanted to reconnect [with the board],” Snead said. “But also we are low on space too.”

Sam Britten

Robotics coach Steve Snead gives the board a presentation on the Robotics Club.

The elementary and middle school divisions have three competitions per year while the high schoolers have four competitions. Snead said the world championships are set to take place later this April.  

After Snead and the robotics students gave their presentations, AP English teacher Art Chiaravalli talked to the board about a trip to Stratford, Ontario next September. Chiaravalli wants to take this trip to show his class the 1982 musical “Little Shop of Horrors.”

Chiaravalli said he’s done this trip every year though in previous years he’s done Shakespeare. He said the past few years have been musicals and that he would like to go back to doing Shakespeare. Despite getting the approval every year, the board likes to be up to date on what the English teacher has planned.

“It’s just a formality,” said Chiaravalli. “They like me to come talk about it and just know what’s going on.”

The request will be an action item at the next board meeting on March 25.

The final discussion item of the meeting was a second reading of proposed and revised board policies and bylaws.

A total of 35 policies and bylaws were either revised or created. President Tammy Lemmer said there weren’t any policies that were highlighted as important, but the board is required by law to have a total of three hearings before the revisions and additions are official.

Similar to Chiaravalli’s proposed field trip, Lemmer said the bylaws will become official next meeting assuming there aren’t any oppositions, which there likely won’t be any.

The next board meeting is planned for March 25 at 7 p.m.

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