New documentation requirement for travelers

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The airport can be a stressful and hectic place.

There’s lots to think about, does your bag have a tag, should I buy food for the trip, how early should I get there? And now, when traveling to Europe, you’ll have one more thing to remember.

One more piece of identification. Starting in 2021, a required travel authorization form.

The form, which can be done online, is expected to be an uncomplicated process.

“According to the information provided by the EU it should take about ten minutes to do the application and 95 percent of people are going to be approved,” said MSU Travel Manager Debbie Gulliver.

It shouldn’t break your bank either.

“Actually it’s four euros to apply and then it’s another ten euros to complete the application,” Gulliver said.

In total, it shouldn’t cost you more than $16.

This new process imposed by the European Union is all about safety.

“I think that the EU has decided that this is a good way to address those people that are coming into the country that mean to do harm to others,” Gulliver said.

It’s a matter of identifying who is traveling to what countries and why.

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