MSU students honor New Zealand mosque shooting victims

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Ruta Ulcinaite

After the deadly mosque shootings in New Zealand last week, Michigan State students gathered to honor the victims and their families.

The vigil, put on by the MSU Muslim Student Association, was a time for prayer and reflection. Organizers say even though it was an emotional event, their goal was to unite everyone in love and solidarity.

Speakers included representatives from different student organizations, community leaders, professors and religious leaders.

“It was just like complete horror and frustration that nothing seems to be getting better,” said attendee Margot Valles. “And in particular in New Zealand, which is known for its safety, that it would happen there is just like…it just shows how much work we have to do.”

The lone gunman from Australia has been arrested and charged with murder.

The shooting left 50 people dead and 20 seriously injured.

Following the attack New Zealand’s prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, promises a ban on all military style semi-automatic guns and hopes to have it in place in the next couple days.

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