Corridor improvement update | Meridian Township

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Headshot of Chris Buck. Economic Development Director of Meridian Township. (Photo by: Chris Buck)

It has been an ongoing goal and mission for not only Meridian Township but the entire tri-county region to improve the Grand River Avenue Corridor in Meridian Township as a new business and recreation destination.

The Corridor Improvement Authority’s most recent vision is to create more programs and options that strengthen the street-scape and build partnerships among corridor property owners, business owners and residents in Meridian Township.

“My goal is to maximize the economic impact to the township by working with local businesses to encourage attendees to shop and spend at local businesses,” said Ross, head of the Michigan Pheasant Hunting Invitational.

As Ross said one of the most effective ways to increase funding for corridor expansion is to find more ways and strategies for local businesses to increase profits.

Even CIA member Barry Goetz agrees with this vision. “I recommended that our director, Chris Buck, reaches out to mall management and encourage them to attend and or join the CIA,” Goetz said.

Business owners deemed expansion of the corridor as one of the most significant steps moving forward in 2019, according to a CIA survey, distributed to gain more information as to what kind of corridor expansion the local business owners were interested in and what they’re expecting to see out of the CIA in the next six months.

Some of the most popular requests from local businesses include adding foliage, hanging baskets, planter boxes, a grass boulevard down the center, advanced sidewalks that increase the ability for pedestrians to cross half way and to adjust speed limits and public Wifi.

Although most of the survey respondents are from retail storefronts and professional services, the CIA has yet to receive messages from more of the food and medical services and without information from these businesses, it will be more difficult to prioritize specific corridor objectives for the year.

Despite what local businesses might prioritize, in 2019 the CIA’s goal is to increase the programs and projects to help build, maintain, and strengthen property owners, business owners and residents.

The CIA has outlined a few of the most significant objectives they are striving to complete in the next six months or so. For instance, the CIA is ultimately looking to promote and enhance a pleasing aesthetic style for many business buildings and also for public right-of-ways.

In addition, it is looking forward to increasing public safety and accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists. Lastly, to what may seem most important to many, the CIA is ultimately aiming to provide a common and consistent vision for all corridor businesses.

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