Williamston residents share their favorite Valentine’s Days

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Valentine’s Day stand at a D&W Fresh Market in Williamston.

In the fifth century, Pope Gelasius I, made February 14 Valentine’s Day. As the date rolls around again this year, Williamston residents share their favorite date locations.

“The best date night place is in Williamston is Gracie’s Bistro,” said Dan Spohn, who has been married to his wife, Margo, for 31 years. “It has great food and a great atmosphere.”

A Williamston resident for 59 years, Linda Siciliano, has been married to her husband, Frank, for 39 years. Siciliano said she doesn’t have a favorite date night location but would rather go for a walk in the town.

“Just taking a walk around the area is my favorite type of date night,” said Siciliano. “I don’t have a date night restaurant. I worked in the restaurant industry and prefer to eat at home.”

Siciliano said if you want a more romantic Valentine’s Day, you shouldn’t make that night your date night.

“Valentine’s Day is one of the worst days of the year to eat in a restaurant. Because it’s so busy, you’re more likely to have poor service or food not prepared the way you like. If you were taking a date out, you should do it a week, or a few days before or after.”

Corey Krystyniak has lived in Williamston for five years and has been married for 12 years to his wife, Anna. Krystyniak said his favorite date night restaurant is actually outside of Williamston.

“We actually go to Okemos and go to Maru Sushi,” said Krystyniak. “If we were to stay in Williamston, we would probably go to Red Cedar Grill. The menu and the quality of the food are great at both places.”

Jill Westmoreland has been in Williamston for six years. She is originally from Fowlerville, then moved to Okemos, before moving to Williamston.

“My favorite date night place would probably be Gracie’s Bistro, the food is really good there,” said Westmoreland, who has been married to her husband, Frank, for 34 years.

“Valentine’s Day isn’t really one of my favorite holidays it’s just something that comes and goes.”

Jessica Gorecki said she has been in Williamston for a couple of years. Gorecki’s favorite place to go on a date night, with her boyfriend of five years, is Tavern 109.

“My favorite part is the food and atmosphere. Valentine’s Day kind of comes and goes for us, but we like to try and make it special,” said Gorecki.

According to History.com, around 1 billion cards are sent, 35 million heart-shaped chocolate boxes are sold, and 220 million roses are produced for Valentine’s day. The United States spends about $20 billion on Valentine’s day, which averages out to $130 per person.

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