Where’s the City Council agenda?

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The East Lansing City Council blazed through its Feb. 26 agenda by deferring issues to later dates, but the disappearance of agendas from city mailings became an issue of its own.

Ryan Collins

President and Publisher of East Lansing Info, Alice Dreger, talks at the Feb. 26 City Council meeting.

The mailing contains recent activity of the planning commissions and city programs throughout East Lansing. For a couple years, according to East Lansing resident Matt Hagan, the City Council agenda was a part of that mailing.

“Friday afternoons, I’d get the planning commission, and all the different commissions, boards, and agendas,” said Hagan. “It’s very helpful and I think it’s a great service the city does, until recently  the City Council agenda was excluded from those mailings.”

Mayor Mark Meadows seemed surprised and wondered if it happened only once, but vouched to look into the problem. There was no exact date when the agenda came off the mailings.

Alice Dreger, president and publisher of East Lansing Info, said, “I’ve been sending questions for months about this.”

East Lansing City Councilman Aaron Stephens agreed with Dreger and Hagan.

“I don’t think it’s ridiculous to have City Council agenda on those Friday mailings if they were on their previously,” Stephens said.


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