Million-dollar biodome growing on campus

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Right next to Shaw Hall sits an empty field, but a group of students are trying to change that.

The Student Greenhouse Project has plans to construct an 150-foot biodome that would fill the space.

“We’ve designed it to be site independent, so we can build it anywhere,” Jacob Bruner, the groups president, said.

The biodome would have plants from every continent inside, but it wouldn’t be just plants. There would be WiFi, conference and study rooms, a performance area with hillside seating, waterfalls, animals… the list goes on and on.

One of the reasons behind the project is mental health, especially that of students.

“Update the mental health of students as well as any members of society or the community that want to visit,” group Vice President Joseph Lietaert said.

The dome would cost millions of dollars to construct.

“That price actually covers everything,” Bruner said. “Everything from construction including getting engineering analysis, all the materials, all the labor required.”

Bruner said it’s not a set price yet, but plan on raising funds through kickstarter and then donors.

The group is hoping to get approval from MSU to build within six months to a year. The construction would only take about two years to complete.

“Once everything’s assembled on the inside, it will take the next 50 years to grow,” Bruner said.

If you are interested in donating to the project, you can visit their kickstarter here.

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