Mason Schools reviewing bids on Phase One school improvements

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Ron Drzewicki, superintendent of Mason Public Schools (photo was courtesy of Ron Drzewicki)

Ron Drzewicki, superintendent of Mason Public Schools (photo was courtesy of Ron Drzewicki)

Mason Public Schools received construction bids on Feb. 7 from The Skillman Corporation for improvements at North Aurelius Elementary School. Recommendations will be considered during the board’s Feb. 18 meeting.

Improvements are also planned for Alaiedon Elementary and the Harvey Education Center.

“We’re going to update and improve our bus fleet. We’re not getting geographically bigger,” said Superintendent Ronald Drzewicki. “However, we’re adding some additional space to handle our current student enrollment and potentially, if we do grow slightly, we will be able to accommodate some slight enrollment growth.”

Mason schools installed new technology in buses in December to make transportation safer.

According to the dictrict’s website, as of December, every bus has Angel Trax video systems that are capable of full-range visuals of the buses’ interiors.

Mason schools have been maintaining enrollment overall and have gained about 40 students in the past year.

“It’s more than what we had, so we are seeing some slight, modest growth. The building projects will help accommodate the additional students,” Drzewicki said.

Phase One of the 2017 bond issue will cost $34.2 million and will be finished in 2020.

Phase Two will begin in 2021 and last till 2022. Phase Two’s focus is on construction at Steele Elementary. The cost estimate of Phase Two is $19.2 million.

Phase Three will be to remodel electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning at middle and high schools. That Phase is estimated at $16.3 million and will begin in 2023 and end in 2026.

Most of the bond money is for improving primary schools.

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