Blue Owl Coffee set to open location in East Lansing this month

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The Blue Owl Coffee Shop is planning to open up a second location in East Lansing at the end of February.

The Reo Town-based business is set to open its 3,00-square-foot location on the campus of Michigan State University, located at 213 Ann St., Suite C, as part of an effort to open up three new locations by May, co-owner Nick Berry said.

“We just want to be apart of the story,” Berry said of his plans for expansion. “There is a huge transition going on in East Lansing and we’re just excited to be able to house the beginnings of the stories for a lot of the people in the neighborhood.”

Two additional coffee shops are set to open up within Lansing’s Old Town by the end of May, as well as a Grand Rapids storefront location in the city’s Northwest Neighborhood.

Berry said the new locations opening up are part of efforts to expand the business’s reach to 10 different cities in 10 years.

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