A timeless space for Lansing’s artists

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A block behind Michigan’s state Capitol, right next to a YMCA and down a short flight of stairs, lies the Lansing Art Gallery and Education Center. It is a rather small, tight, space filled with works of art ranging from jewelry to photography.

Created in 1965, the Lansing Art Gallery,  at 119 N. Washington Square, provides a space for local artists to display their creations and ultimately cultivate a more vibrant art scene in Lansing.

White map of Michigan superimposed on a colorful stained glass pattern

Lansing Art Gallery

Katrina M. Daniels, the exhibitions and gallery sales director at the Lansing Art Gallery, says there should be more spaces like the gallery in Lansing.

“I think not only would that create more opportunities for artists, but I think that when there is a density of a certain thing whether it’s restaurants, night life, or art spaces, it will draw more people and create a larger vibrancy” said Daniels.

The gallery’s current exhibition, “Capturing Stillness,” features two local artists who teamed up in order to create the exhibition because of their similar interests, according to Daniels.

“Capturing Stillness” is a dual exhibition by Shannon Stackhouse and Stephanie Palagyi.  These two artists actually met here. They each  had a piece in another exhibition and noticed that they’re both looking at nature and the Michigan landscape, but doing it in non-objective forms. And they noticed that they had this connection and were exploring kind of the same themes and then they actually started talking and decided to do a professional collaboration for their work” said Lansing born Daniels.

Stackhouse uses photography, while Palagyi uses paint to capture the Michigan landscape. Both create works of art that capture your eye. Daniels noticed visually striking difference between their work.

“I think their work is very interesting and especially the kind of contrast of mediums and hues and also, both exploring similar iconography in very different ways. Sometimes the black and white can feel a little heavier. In Stephanie Palagyi’s paintings there is a lightness and a palette that reminds one of spring or summer,” said Daniels.

The exhibition will continue to run at the Lansing Art Gallery until Feb. 22.

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