2020 presidential race on the clock

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The 2020 race for president is beginning as new candidates announce their bids.

Candidates who have officially announced their candidacy bids include Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, California Senator Kamala Harris, who is the only African American woman in the running so far, and New Jersey Senator Corey Booker.

It’s still early, more nominations will no doubt be coming.

Will Joe Biden enter the race? Will Texas Senator Beto O‘Rourke put his hat in the ring?

More announcements typically come out in March.

And what would a presidential race be without a little controversy? Former Starbucks CEO Howard Shultz is running as an independent, furring a lot of Democratic brows.

Bernie Sanders has also decided to give the presidential race another go as he has just announced his candidacy just last week.

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