MSU Business College hosts entrepreneurship night for students

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(Neil Kane, Director of Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Program discussing the qualities of entrepreneurship. Jan. 14, 2019)

Michigan State University hosted an Entrepreneurship Night for the eager minds and potential future entrepreneurs among the student body. The event was Jan. 14 at Business College complex, featuring a presentation followed by pizza and networking.

Neil Kane, director of the Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Program, said, “the importance of this event is to create awareness of the assortment for the entrepreneurship offerings we have here at MSU.”

Kane launched the presentation by talking about the myths of entrepreneurship and the importance of education. He grabbed the students’ interest by giving examples of famous people like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, and how dropping out is not necessarily the path to success.

“For some students, they would want to start a business,” Kane said. “Others would want a minor in entrepreneurship, but even if they come to hear a great speaker and participate in an event, anything is fine. We just want them to have this exposure to experience, that’s all.”

(top to bottom - Neil Kane and Kenneth Szymusiak at Entrepreneurship Night. Jan.14,2019) 

Eli Broad College of Business professor, Kenneth Szymusiak spoke next. He explained the minor ‘Entrepreneurship & Innovation’ offered by MSU.

“Entrepreneurship night is always a great way to kick off the semester,” said Szymusiak, also the managing director at MSU Institute of Entrepreneurship. “We get to get students interested in the minor, walk them through the process, make sure everything is up to speed with the latest offerings and how to take advantage of the programs. It’s a good opportunity.”

Katie Musil, president for Design for America, came to promote her organization and tell the students what she and her team work for. She is studying experience architecture at MSU. 

“I started interning for undergrad entrepreneurship [toward] the end of my freshman year,” said Gina Duff, a junior at MSU. “Ever since then it has really grown. I’ve been able to participate in a lot of events and also complete the minor myself. It has also helped me in finding internships and brought me how to think outside of the box and think creatively.”

Duff is a supply chain major, and minoring in entrepreneurship & innovation. She is the contact manager at Engagement Intern Undergraduate Entrepreneurship.

“I think it’s been a great turnout tonight.” Duff said, “I’ve been coming here for the past three years, so this is definitely one of the best turnouts we’ve had. It’s really great to see this event growing and expanding, and so many more people getting interested.”

(MSU students meeting up with Kane after the presentation session.Jan.14,2019)

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