Changes made to Healing Assistance Fund

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It’s been a year since Michigan State University encouraged students they would do better after the Nassar scandal.

“We’re doing a disservice to them,” MSU Board Elect Kelly Tebay said. “Just feeling like we failed them again.” 

Last week, Interim President John Engler disband the Healing Assistance Fund, which was designed to help survivors of Larry Nassar.

“Survivors that haven’t been able to afford treatment have either been trying to pay for it out of pocket or not receiving treatment which causes extreme trauma on top of all the other drama,” Tebay said. 

The fund began last December and wasn’t open a year before it was suspended in July due to fraud concerns. 

Now that the university has fulfilled its commitment and deposited the settlement funds, we support redirecting the remaining Healing Assistance Fund toward the $500 million lawsuit settlement,” a statement from Board Chairman Brian Breslin said.

 Tebay and other members of the board are ready and willing to help get the fund back on board. 

“If it’s not this fund, it’s another fund,” Tebay said. 

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