MSU alums start booming travel company

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A company started by two former MSU students, Matt Carroll and TK Kubvoruno, is changing the college experience.

“University Viral is a one stop shop, concierge travel events and entertainment, even for everything college,” said Kubvoruno.

In just under a year, the company has helped give over 100,000 students the ultimate college experience.

The company started by planning events for spring break. They sent over 2,000 students to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Their business then blossomed into something much bigger. 

“We traveled over 800 students to Toronto six months ago,” Kubvoruno said. “We’ve also done Vegas; we are on our third Vegas trip now. We’ve done a lot of concerts a lot of festivals. We partnered with Prime Music Festival, which we brought here to Michigan State,” said Kubvoruno.

These two alums were interviewed by Entrepreneur Mag and named 2018’s Top 15 Entrepreneurs to Follow.

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