Joe Biden makes an appearance in Lansing before election

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The Democratic rally got started an hour and a half late, but local residents patiently awaited Former Vice President Joe Biden’s arrival.

“It’s been a rough couple of months,” Biden said. “Folks, we’ve gotta turn this around”.

Democrats Gretchen Whitmer and Elissa Slotkin were among the candidates attending the rally at Lansing Community College.

“I am running because it is time for a new generations of leaders,” Slotkin said.

“I am here not just for me and for Garlin and for the executive office. I am here for everyone on this ticket,” Whitmer said. “I am really hoping that a lot of students are going to be willing to come out on election day and use their voices”.

Joe Biden’s ‘Get Out the Vote Rally’ educated students and local residents of ways to encourage everyone to vote and learn more about each candidate on the ballot.

Gretchen Whitmer said the election is critical for the country because it will impact everyone over the next couple decades. She said she believes the younger generation is the future and will be the change.

“All the pride marches, the womens’ marches, the health care rallies, the immigration protests, none of it matters unless we get out to vote,” she said.

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