Ingham Commission retains party split, most members

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Voters elected a new Ingham County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday.

Eleven of the 14 winning candidates are Democrats, the same as the current makeup.

Ten of the winning candidates are incumbents. The newly elected commissioners are Derrel E. Slaughter, Chris Trubac, Emily Stivers and Mark Polsdofer.

These are the results with 100 percent of precincts reporting:

District 1
Victor G. Celentino (Dem.) 4,766
William F. Renfrew (Rep.) 1,449

District 2
Ryan Sebolt (Dem.) 4,387
Patricia Muscovalley (Rep.) 907

District 3
Derrel E. Slaughter (Dem.) 3,064
Beverly K. Hansen (Rep.) 1,192

District 4
Bryan L. Crenshaw (Dem.) 3,740
Vickie Niklias (Rep.) 1,272

District 5
Todd Tennis (Dem.) 3,746
William Douglas Ames (Rep.) 1,282

District 6
Randy Mailville (Rep.) 5,177
Brandon D. Currin (Dem.) 4,893

District 7
Chris Trubac (Dem.) 5,374
Alexa Krueger (Rep.) 3,026

District 8
Mark Grebner (Dem.) 3,817
Bernard Fedewa (Rep.) 1,169

District 9
Carol N. Koenig (Dem.) 3,261
Jackson Keith (Rep.) 924

District 10
Thomas Morgan (Dem.) 4,292
Kathleen A. Groff (Rep.) 1,479

District 11
Emily Stivers (Dem.) 4,249
Aaron Clark Beauchine (Rep.) 2,024

District 12
Mark Polsdofer (Dem.) 4,239
Carol Van Drie (Rep.) 1,788

District 13
Randy G. Schafer (Rep.) 7,842

District 14
Robin Case Naeyaert (Rep.) 6,698

More results can be found on the Ingham County website.

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